Teodor Barna

Landscape architect and spatial planning

Teodor Barna is a MSc student of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. With the talent scholarship from the HN-Bos foundation he deepened his knowledge of mangrove ecosystems and developed a design methodology aimed at coastal landscape restoration and sustainable land use in Suriname, focusing on a small coastal community and their livelihood which depends on the mangroves ecosystem. The ecological importance and the riparian side of landscape architecture fascinated him and influenced the way he developed as a landscape architect, approaching design at a regional scale. During his master, his fascination for coastal landscapes and restoration of coastal ecosystems determined the choice of his MSc thesis focusing on mangrove restoration in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. He researched the relationship between tourism developments and mangrove ecosystems from the perspective of restoration, sustainable land use and climate change. Next to his project in Suriname Teodor is doing his internship at H+N+S landscape architects where he focuses on regional landscape design with an eye for hydrology, ecology and sustainable land-use.