Tariq Al-Olaimy

3BL Associates

Tariq Al-Olaimy is a co-founder of an ecosystem of social and planetary systems enterprises with impact in over 90 countries, including; 3BL Associates, a people + planet systems transformation consultancy; Public-Planet Partnerships, a planet-centred framework that facilitates inter-species collaborations; Diversity on Board, a platform that brings greater equity and responsible leadership to boards in the MENA region; and Recipes for Wellbeing, an initiative that works toward supporting the systemic wellbeing of changemaking and impact conveners organizations. Tariq is among the first 100 certified Biomimicry specialists in the world and has a background in post-growth economics, risk management, and spiritual ecology. Tariq has held board and co-chair roles with organizations such as UNESCO, the World Economic Forum, and EAT – the science-based global platform for food systems transformation.