Sylvia Kuria

Organic Farmer
IFOAM Ambassador

Sylvia is an organic farmer with more than 10 years’ experience. She made a decision to grow safe food in her kitchen garden for her young family. Soon her garden had more than enough for her family and her business Sylvia’s Basket was born in 2016. Last year in November 2019, she opened her Organic Farm Shop in Nairobi to make organic food accessible, and affordable, as well provide small scale farmers with a reliable market for their produce.

Sylvia has worked with several local and international organizations to equip over 1000 women and small scale farmer groups with basic concepts of growing organic food. She has been an advocate for organic farming in Kenya and across Africa and beyond in countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, India and Tanzania. She has also been featured in over 90% of Kenya’s media houses and is a contributor of the IFOAM Newsletter.