Susan Angélica María Manrique Vargas

Biologist and Member
Peruvian Youth against Climate Change

I’m a biologist from Lima, Peru. I live in Lleida, Spain where I’m studying the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management. My work experience is linked to natural resources management in mountain ecosystems, including grasslands and wetlands, working with rural communities in the Andes, capacity building on the field and virtually, and water ecosystem services projects in the PES framework. I am part of the collective Jóvenes Peruanos frente al Cambio Climático (Peruvian Youth against Climate Change). We are a group of young people from Peruvian civil society who aim to work cooperatively on solutions to fight against climate change. We seek to directly influence public policies and promote the participation of young people in climate governance, both nationally and locally.