Selma Dealdina

Executive Secretary
CONAQ (National Coordination of Rural Black and Quilombola Communities' Articulation)

Quilombola of Angelim III, Sapê do Norte Territory, São Mateus, Espírito Santo State. Social Worker graduated from Anhanguera College. Former Women’s Policy Manager for the state of Espírito Santo. Selma has been engaged over the years in various groups and social movements, including the advisory services for the State Coordination of Quilombola Communities of Espirito Santo ‘Zacimba Caba’; the Women’s Collective of CONAQ; La Via Campesina; March of Black Women from Espírito Santo; Espírito Santo’s Folklore Commission; Self-organized Women’s Collective of São Mateus – BELAS, Black Women’s Collective Constância d’Angola and Black Coalition for Rights. She is a board member of Amnesty International and the Casa Socio-Environmental Fund. Member of the ELIMU Institute Professor Cleber Maciel (ES).

Currently part of the National Coordination of Articulation of Rural Black Quilombola Communities (Conaq) and organizer of the book “Mulheres Quilombolas: territórios de existências negras femininas”.