Scott Goodson

CEO and Founder

Author of “Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements”, Scott founded StrawberryFrog in 1999 and brought Movement Marketing to the world. His groundbreaking ideas and nimble agency quickly gained the attention of the marketing world with award-winning movement campaigns and innovative communications for some of the world’s most iconic global brands such as Emirates Airline, Google, PepsiCo, P&G, Dubai South, Credit Suisse, SunTrust Bank, Olympic Movement, Daimler Benz, LG, Morgan Stanley, Heineken, Jim Beam and Mahindra.

He wrote the global movement strategy and motto for Emirates entitled ‘Hello Tomorrow’ and with those words came an idea, not just for an ad campaign, but for what Goodson has coined a “cultural movement.” Goodson did the same with ‘Make History’ motto for Jim Beam and the movement strategy and motto ‘RISE’ for the Mahindra Group.

For SunTrust Bank, Goodson penned the ‘onUp’ cultural movement about confidence and determination for millions of Americans who feel stuck in financial stress. It launched on Super Bowl 50. By January 2017, over 1 Million people had joined the onUP movement.

Goodson launched a new city for the Government of Dubai, the new 145 km² master-planned city developed in partnership with the emirate of Dubai. The vision is to design a “smart” and sustainable city and a pivotal hub in the global economy. Goodson penned both the name Dubai South and the tagline of the “City of You”. His campaign features the work of illustrator Mats Gustafson, who created original watercolor sketches that capture Dubai South’s people-centric approach city living.