Ross Conroy

Senior Field Operations Associate

Ross is the Senior Field Operations Associate at Komaza, where he is responsible for coordinating a variety of major company projects as well as designing and implementing programmatic changes, informed by quantitative and qualitative research. His primary focuses include field staff training systems, social marketing, behavior change, and social impact analysis. His work relies heavily on Human-Centered Design and Behavioral Economics.

Ross joined Komaza in 2017 after graduating with a Master’s in African Studies from Stanford University. His previous experience spans many countries, including research and work in Senegal, Cameroon, Rwanda, and Uganda prior to arriving at Komaza. Through these experiences, Ross developed a passion for delivering quantifiable social impact to impoverished communities. His role at Komaza has allowed him to work on the frontline to better understand and maximize the impact Komaza delivers to their partner farmers. Ross is a strong proponent of social enterprises as a disruptive, and more sustainable, alternative to traditional development initiatives.