Roel Nozeman

Senior Advisor Biodiversity
ASN Bank

Roel Nozeman leads the biodiversity work of ASN Bank. ASN Bank has developed an impact assessment methodology: the Biodiversity Footprinting Financial Institutions’ (BFFI). The BFFI has been used to calculate the biodiversity footprint of ASN Bank on a portfolio level for several years now (2014-2018). As the first bank globally ASN Bank has formulated the following goal for biodiversity on a portfolio level: ‘Net positive effect on biodiversity as a result of all of our loans and investments by 2030’.

In 2018 he initiated the development of a Common Ground paper on biodiversity footprinting, developed together with CDC Biodiversité, ACTIAM and Finance in Motion, which was presented at the COP14 meeting of the United Nations in Egypt in November 2018. Just as there is for climate, finding common ground is crucial for measuring impact on biodiversity as well.

In 2019 ASN Bank cooperated on a pilot project to also measure biodiversity-positive impact within the BFFI. Prior to ASN Bank he worked at the Forest Stewardship Council, ING Bank and HSBC International. Recently he was interviewed for Euromoney Magazine on Conservation Finance: