Roderick Zagt

Programme coordinator
Tropenbos International

Roderick Zagt is a programme coordinator at Tropenbos International (TBI), an NGO that works towards a future in which forests and trees are used sustainably for the benefit of local people and the global community. By using evidence to make conscious choices and finding the right balance between the needs of all the stakeholders involved, TBI contributes to sustainable solutions for forested landscapes. TBI is based in the Netherlands, and is active in more than ten countries in the Global South.
Roderick coordinates TBI’s Green Livelihoods Alliance programme and is responsible for the landscape theme. He coordinates the Indonesia and Viet Nam country programmes. Roderick was trained as a tropical ecologist at Utrecht University and obtained his PhD on a study on the demography of harvested timber species in the rainforests of Guyana. He led the TBI Guyana programme for 4 years, and went on to develop the TBI programme in Suriname. His main current interests are on local perspectives on landscapes and landscape approaches.
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