Rizal Primana

Director of Energy Development
National Planning Agency, Indonesia

After graduating from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Rizal Primana began working at the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), where he worked as a staff member in the Directorate of Electric Power and Mining in rural electricity planning.

At Bappenas, he planned and provided electricity for rural communities in the countryside. After only three years in Bappenas, Rizal received a scholarship abroad through the Overseas Training Office (OTO) where he continued his studies at Northeastern University, Boston, United States.

After his studies, Rizal returned to Bappenas where he served as head of several sub-directorates. After serving as Head of Sub-Directorate of Energy, Head of Sub-Directorate of Mining, and Head of Sub-Directorate of Geology and Environment until 2012, he became an intermediary planner at Bappenas.

Rizal was then appointed as Director of Energy and Mineral Resources. He was tasked with planning development in the energy and mining sectors and preparing the five-year Medium Term Development Plans in the energy sector for the whole of Indonesia.