Risper Arose

Program Coordinator

Risper is a Gender and Community Engagement expert with ardent conviction about community development through socio-economic empowerment. She is involved in digital outreach, understanding community especially women and their usage of connectivity, amplifying meaningful usage and utilization of connectivity, and conducting impact assessment studies of connectivity in the community. She is a seasoned trainer and facilitator, passionate about experiential learning and training methodologies that actively engage the community toward behavior and attitude change as a result of enhanced skills and competencies.She has handled tech-centered advisories and training on digital rights, digital inclusion, digital advocacy, and digital protection and privacy. Her main focus is on Gender Justice, Complementary Community Connectivity, Community Research using Human-Centered Design, Stakeholder engagement, and Public participation in policymaking. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development (with Honors) Degree from Kenyatta University.