Raki Ap

Ministry of the Interior

Working as a civil servant at the Ministry of the Interior.

After the murder of my father Arnold Ap, my mother, three brothers and I fled to the Netherlands.

I entered the Dutch army because I wanted to contribute to international peace and security. And gave a good foundation to my turbulent youth. But also discipline, knowledge and experience, which I have used for the storytelling campaign in the past 10 years.

In the meantime I am known as an all-round activist, who is committed to political, human rights and climate activism. Because in West Papua all three elements have common ground.

In the Netherlands I try to give the climate debate a more indigenous perspective, because in order to solve climate change in only 11 years, we don’t have to turn around the facts, but to point out what needs to be raised. And West Papua is a story that includes all elements and I tell that with passion, so that we can inspire each other to win the important battle and stop climate change.