Raina Plowright

Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Montana State University (MSU)

Dr. Plowright investigates the dynamics of disease systems that connect human and animal populations. She is trained as an infectious disease ecologist, epidemiologist, and wildlife veterinarian. Her research focuses on the dynamics of zoonotic pathogens in wildlife populations, the transmission of pathogens across species barriers, and links between environmental stressors and pathogen emergence. Her group focuses on WHO priority pathogens that are emerging from bats into humans, including henipaviruses and coronaviruses, as well as other wildlife-pathogen systems that have human health and conservation implications. Dr. Plowright leads a collaboration of > 70 scientists (www.batonehealth.org) working to prevent pathogen transmission from bats to humans. This group, spread across five continents, has ongoing field studies in Australia, Bangladesh, Madagascar, and Ghana.