Q”apaj Conde Choque 

Global Indigenous Youth Caucus

Q”apaj Conde Choque is an aymar lawyer from Plurinational State of Bolivia. Q”apaj graduated from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz, Bolivia) with a Bachelor of Law. He also holds a Master of Laws Degree in Human Rights, Democratization and Security from University of Seville (Seville, Spain). 

He severed as WIPO indigenous fellow in 2013 and 2014. He is part of at Centro de Estudios Multidisciplinarios –Aymara (CEM – Aymara), an indigenous institution, which supports indigenous traditional authorities conducting training programs and legal support based on indigenous peoples’ rights. He is member of the Red de JóvenesIndígenas de América Latina, a regional indigenous youth network that gathers several youth processes in Latin America. He is one of the current co-chairs of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus.