Pimple Barua

Founding Member
GYBN Bangladesh

I am Pimple Barua, a dedicated environmentalist and conservationist from Bangladesh. My passion lies in protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable practices. As a founding member of GYBN Bangladesh, I have been actively involved in organizing eco-friendly projects and conservation initiatives since the organization’s inception. I have played a key role in campaigns, workshops, and community action programs focused on biodiversity conservation.
I am also a committed advocate for peatland restoration and conservation, recognizing their ecological significance and cultural importance in Bangladesh. In my endeavors, I firmly commit to revitalizing peatlands for the betterment of both nature and communities.
Additionally, I am a dedicated journalist, using my platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and advocate for biodiversity conservation through storytelling and investigative journalism. Currently working at the Dhaka Tribune, I have been instrumental in shedding light on environmental problems and emphasizing the importance of biodiversity conservation through my reporting.
With my unwavering dedication and diverse skill set, I continue to inspire positive change in the field of conservation, both locally and globally.