Ole Ter Wey

Earth Refuge

Ole ter Wey is currently studying International Law and Human Rights at the United Nations mandated University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica. Previously, he lived with a local community in Kiribati for over a year. There, he experienced firsthand the consequences of climate change endangering the existence of an entire state. It was then that he began thinking about how to address forced migration and dedicated his Liberal Arts Bachelor to the topics of migration and integration. Since May 2021, Ole has worked as a correspondent at Earth Refuge, the world’s first legal think tank dedicated to climate migrants. Through interviews with those affected on the ground, their allies on the ground, and experts advocating for change, he aims to humanize the issue of climate-induced displacement. Earth Refuge’s ultimate goal is to provide regional/local legal solutions to communities affected by climate-induced displacement, while dispelling the myth of lawyers as the gatekeepers of justice. Ole was also engaged as a mentor in youth exchange programs between the Global South and the Global North. When not studying or working, Ole is a passionate musician and crazy about soccer.