Nyoman Suyadiputra

Executive Director
Wetland International-Indonesia Program

Nyoman Suyadiputra is the Executive Director of the Wetland International-Indonesia Program, with more than 25 years’ experience working in wetland areas (mainly coastal lowland wetlands including mangrove and peatlands). He has published diverse technical reports, articles and guidebooks related to mangrove and peatlands restoration that emphasized the involvement of local community.  Nyoman also initiated Bioright, or conditional loan, a unique approach in wetlands (mainly mangrove) restoration with local community involvement, since 1999 in Central Java.  The concept has since been replicated in several areas, including Aceh (2005-2009), Flores (2012- 2016), Banten (2009-present) and Demak, Central Java (2016-present).

In addition, Nyoman is also the Secretary to National Mangrove Working Group, member of the National Wetlands Committee (led by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry), and a voluntary member of the peatland restoration agency (BRG)’s expert team. He has been invited to give lectures and trainings on mangrove and peatland restorations and to provide inputs/reviews on mangrove and peatland related policies by various government agencies, private sector companies, universities, NGOs and CBOs.