Mouftao Salami-Odjo

Président du conseil d’administration/President of the board of directors
Réseau des Jeunes Producteurs et Professionnels Agricoles du Togo/Network of Young Agricultural Producers and Professionals of Togo (REJEPPAT)

Mouftao Salami-Odjo is a Togolese farmer, trainer in agro-ecological practices and the president of the Board of Directors of REJEPPAT (Network of Young Agricultural Producers and Professionals of Togo), a non-profit association of young Togolese agricultural producers that works alongside young family farmers who produce to feed their families and contribute to national food security. Mouftao Salami-Odjo and REJEPPAT have been very successful in recent years with the establishment of 10 apprenticeship farms where young people can follow short and long practical training and gain experience. His thematic focus in this session will be on the production and promotion of agro-ecological products by young people in Togo.