Mnoneleli Mlobeli

Masters of Development Studies
University of the Western Cape (South Africa)

Mnoneleli Mlobeli is a student who recently graduated with his Honours degree from the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) where he majored in Environmental Management and Geographical Information System. With a geography, tourism and environmental management background Mnoneleli was introduced to a number of environmental debates which gave him more interest into the field of environment. Mnoneleli is a very hands on kind of a person, he was a social media personnel for a student based environmental organization (Young Environmental Africans).

Mnoneleli Mlobeli is currently enrolled for Masters of Development Studies at the University of the Western Cape (South Africa). His focus is more on community based gardens and is passionate about teaching school children about the importance of taking care of our environments because they feed us.

As a student coming from a city affected by drought (Cape Town, South Africa) he believes that climate change and global warming are still seen as issues that are less important by governments. Mnoneleli believes that platforms like #GLFNairobi2018 and #thinklandscape are of importance as they help the youth to come together and be part of the change they need.

Mnoneleli believes that Restoring African landscape means restoring all the agricultural lands and forests that were lost due to climate change. He believes that the continent of Africa would be able to eradicate poverty and hunger and be at a better chance of achieving all the goals that were meant to be archived by the Millennium Development Goals.

Mnoneleli believes that solutions to the problems of Africa will emerge from Africa. “Afrika for Afrikans” Prof Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe