Milagre Nuvunga

Executive Director

Milagre Nuvunga is the co-founder of a hybrid institution combining a Mozambican NGO, the MICAIA Foundation, a Mozambican social enterprise, Eco MICAIA Limited, and a UK based charity, MICAIA. Milagre is the Executive Director of MICAIA Foundation, based in Chimoio, Central Mozambique. A forester by training, Milagre’s experience includes many years of work in Mozambique with government ministries related to natural resources management, as well as international positions with the UN and international organizations working at the interface between environment and community development.

Milagre has been working since 2008 in a complex landscape that includes the Chimanimani Transfrontier Conservation Area in an effort that aims to bring together government entities, NGO, the private sector and local communities from Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The continuous search for knowledge and effective and participatory strategies for the implementation of sustainable local development approaches are the main drivers of her professional career.