Mie Asaoka

President and CEO
Kiko Network, attorney at Law, NPO法人気候ネットワーク代表・弁護士

Born in Tokushima Prefecture in 1947. Ms. Asaoka graduated from Kyoto University Department of Law in 1970. Registered as a member of the Kyoto Bar Association in 1972.Participated in consumer lawsuits relating to subacute myelo-optico-neuropathy(SMON),Minamata mercury poisoning case and the Toyota Shoji, big fraud cases. She was chair of the Consumer Issues Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in 2001-3, President of the Kyoto Bar Association in 2006 and Vice-President of Japan Federation of Bar Association in 2014. Executive director of the Kiko(climate) Forum established in 1996 in preparation for the Conferences of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(COP3); became President of the Kiko Network (umbrella NGO regarding climate issue in Japan) in 1998 (current position). Ms. Asaoka participated in COP from COP2 and in domestic climate policy as a member of the Central Environment Council(until 2012) and Kyoto Prefectural Environmental Council.