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Michelle Edgardine Ngwapaza

Deputy General Director & National focal point for the SWM Programme in Gabon - Wildlife and Protected Areas General Directorate (DGFAP)
Ministry of waters, forests, sea and environment, in charge of Climate Plan and Land Use Plan – Republic of Gabon (Central Africa)

Michelle Ngwapaza holds a MSc in forestry economics and sustainable management of environmental resources. She has developed her career within the Wildlife and Protected Areas General Directorate at the Gabonese wildlife ministry first as research officer, then as Director of Studies and currently as Deputy General Director. She is the government focal point of the SWM Programme in Gabon since 2017. In the past 10 years, she has been actively involved in works and projects on wildlife conservation and food security, especially to develop strategies and review the regulations related to anti-poaching, human-wildlife conflicts, hunting and the bushmeat sector.