Meredith Byrne

Meredith Byrne specialises in the labour market dimensions of displacement. She has been with the International Labour Organisation since 2015. She spent three years working for the ILO Labour Migration Branch in Geneva where she provided technical support on the labour market access of refugees, displaced persons and climate impacted populations. Meredith currently works at the ILO office in Amman, Jordan where she is contributing to the Syrian Response Program. Part of her work focuses on generating employment and more sustainable infrastructure through Employment Intensive Investment Programs in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Prior to working with the ILO, Meredith served as an intern with the Livelihoods Unit at UNHCR in Geneva where she helped coordinated research on the economic implications of refugee flows. Meredith has conducted her own field research on the topic in both Uganda and Cameroon.

Meredith holds a MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts from Connecticut College.