Max Fontaine

Social Entrepreneur

Max Fontaine is a Malagasy social entrepreneur. After studying for five years in Canada, he returned to Madagascar in 2018 to lead rural development projects focused on agriculture and reforestation. After a stint in the textile industry, he founded Bôndy in 2019 with the crazy idea of turning the red island into a green island, while developing local communities. Bôndy has planted over 1.000,000 trees in 8 regions of Madagascar with nearly 1000 partner farmers that have benefited over 10,000 people. Through Bôndy, Max Fontaine establishes partnerships with the local and international private sector to design and implement different types of rural development projects with a strong environmental, social and economic impact in Madagascar. As a UNICEF Climate Advocate, Max also devotes part of his time and energy to motivating and inspiring Malagasy youth to get involved in the fight against climate change. These concrete actions have allowed Max Fontaine to be chosen by the United Nations, the World Bank or the Malagasy Government to represent Madagascar and present Bôndy’s innovative model at numerous international summits. (Youth4Climate; Spanish Parliament, COP26 & 27; 72th UNGA, etc.)