Mashrur Hossain Shurid

President & CEO
Ipage Global Inc, Bangladesh

Mashrur Hossain is passionate about agribusiness and co-founded iPAGE in 2019 to empower smallholders through actionable information and ecosystem linkage. He previously founded an IoT startup in 2014. Mashrur is a Westerwelle Fellow. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Mashrur worked in government service. An electronics engineer by profession, Mashrur comes from a farming family that migrated to Dhaka after a disastrous cyclone in 1991, spurring him to seek ways to bolster small farmers’ resilience using homegrown talent and technology. Mashrur wants to contribute to developing a sustainable agricultural ecosystem that has an end-to-end linkage to all related stakeholders, fosters diversity, and concerns about climate change.