Martha Albir

Coffee producer
Owner of Finca Bethania in Nicaragua, final borrower of the Fund

Martha Albir is co-owner of the specialty coffee plantations “Finca Bethania” and “Finca Las Hortencias” in Dipilto, Nicaragua. In 2013 Ms. Albiralso set up the coffee dry mill “Cafetos de Segovia” in Mosonte together with her sister Ana. Cafetos de Segovia is concentrating in the production of specialty coffees from the Dipilto and Mosonte region. She is exporting coffee to multiple countries around the globe. Her farm is certified from Rainforest Alliance because she attaches great importance not only to the quality and taste of her coffees but also in sustainable cultivation. Social aspects are significant to her as well. The people working on the farm earn higher wages than elsewhere and generally find better conditions there.