Marta Echavarria

Director and Founder of EcoDecisión & CanopyBridge

A well-recognized social entrepreneur from Colombia, Marta is director and founder of EcoDecisión, a small consulting firm she established with her husband. She has worked with agribusiness and smallholder farmers, governments and grassroots organizations building connections and partnerships in areas often marked by conflict – water use, environmental safeguards and sustainable agriculture. She is committed in identifying leaders and promoting partnerships to reach environmental and social sustainability, a global challenge where women can make substantial contributions. Marta has received awards from the Ashoka Foundation, Avina Foundation and Mulago Foundation, and has served on the boards or advisory committees of Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, Fundación Natura Ecuador, the Katoomba Group and Ecosystem Marketplace. EcoDecisión´s most recent effort is which aims to jumpstart sustainable products to get to market.