Mark Burrows

Investment Banker, Dendrologist
Green Finance Initiative London

Mark Burrows is a long term advocate of private sector involvement in sustainable development and the fight against climate change . An investment banker, Mark was formerly the founding partner of Baring Brothers Burrows in Australia thence Managing Director of ING Barings in London, Managing Partner Lazard and more recently Vice Chairman Credit Suisse.

Mark is currently Senior Advisor to Macquarie Bank whose expertise in climate finance is unrivalled . Macquarie is one of the world’s leading financiers and investors in renewable energy. The acquisition of the UK Green Investment Bank, the worlds first dedicated Green Bank, has enhanced Macquarie’s leadership in green finance.

Mark is working with the United Nations Environment Programme, the Green Finance Initiative, Macquarie and others including the G20 Sustainability Group on thought leadership to create new market driven financial instruments to better channel capital into the wider green economy. He is also involved in looking at changing the regulatory framework for global banks particularly around capital weightings to increase demand for green assets.