Marina Gavaldão

Executive Director
Ubá Sustainability Institute

Marina holds an M.A. in Sustainable Development from Geneva Graduate Institute and a B.S. in Forestry Engineering from the University of São Paulo. Since 2002, she has gathered experience in the design, implementation, coordination of nature-based solutions projects and environmental economics-related instruments. She has worked as an independent consultant for several international organizations such as Fairtrade, FAO, TNC, TFT, WWF, GIZ, UNDP in different countries around the world. She has worked on the first REDD+ project in Brazil, the “Juma” Gold CCBA project in Amazonas. Living in Europe she has occupied the position of technical director at GERES and Pur Projet, and worked in the Project Development and portfolio unit at Ecoact. Through these experiences, she managed more than 50 community-based projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America; led the certification of more than 15 carbon projects; managed scientific studies on environmental impacts with Yale and Harvard students; and, facilitated the sales of more than 15 M tCO2e. In 2020, she founded Ubá Sustainability Institute which has 15 ongoing initiatives with terrestrial and marine ecosystems and has facilitated more than 8 M tCO2e since its inception. Please let me know if you got it all and if that fits your requirements. Best regards,