Marie-Aude Even

Senior Regional Technical Specialist, Biodiversity, Environment, Climate, Gender and Social Inclusion Division

Marie-Aude is coordinating the implementation of IFAD biodiversity strategy across IFAD divisions, supporting mainstreaming of biodiversity in country operations and knowledge products as well as engagement of IFAD in key process and partnership. Prior to that, she joined IFAD in 2019 as the regional agronomist for Asia Pacific, technical assistance to the design and implementation of IFAD investment projects in several countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. In such position, she supported agro-ecology and landscape approach alongside several projects, including GEF, GCF and GAFSP projects working on ecosystem restoration and forested uplands She also contributed to UNCCD COP14, UNCCD COP15, Adaptation Futures 2021, COP26 and regional agro-ecological networks. In addition, she has been leading knowledge capitalization and collaborations to strengthen agricultural extension systems, with specific attention to reach the last mile, improve business models and strengthen adoption of sustainable and climate resilience agricultural practices. Prior to working in IFAD, Marie-Aude holds 15 years of experience in agricultural development including 2 years on gender in agriculture, 6 years in FAO, 3 years in the French center for studies and foresight and 4 yeArs managing a rice development project in Ghana semi-drylands. Marie-Aude is an agronomist with two masters around development economics, agrarian system studies and agricultural policies.