Maricielo Arévalo

Founder and president
Empoderamiento de la Niña y Mujer Amazónica (ENMA)

Maricielo Arévalo, Peruvian national, founder and president of the organization Empoderamiento de la Niña y Mujer Amazónica (ENMA). ENMA’s objective is to empower Amazonian girls and woman of peasant and native communities in Peru.
Graduate of the Training Program for Political Leaders for Democracy and Governance of the National Jury. Scholarship holder of the Diploma of Integral Development of Adolescents. Former Regional Coordinator of the Global Union for Democracy. Member of the Ibero-American Youth Platform. Former Youth Parliamentarian of the Congress of the Republic of Peru. Socializer of the Forestry Zoning in Loreto.
Defender and activist of the Rights of Women and Girls, specialist in issues of integral development of adolescents.