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Marcello Brito

Leader and co-facilitator
Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forest and Agriculture

Brazilian, graduated in Food Engineering. Specializations in International Trading of Oils, Fats and Seeds by the FOSFA, London – England; Social Responsibility and the Third Sector and MBA in International Trade by FIA/USP, Administration, Science, and Management of International Trade by IAE/Institute of Administration and Economics, Grenoble – France. Worked in several areas as commercial director, sustainability director, and CEO of leading companies in the Brazilian Agribusiness. Former VP in RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, founder of POIG – Palm Oil Innovation Group, CEO of CBKK SA – Purpose of Welfare and Conservation. President of the board of directors of ABAG – Brazilian Association of Agribusiness, co-facilitator of the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forest and Agriculture, board member at Conservation International (Brazil section), Instituto Arapyaú, JBS-Amazônia fund, WCBEF – World Bioeconomy Forum and Black-Jaguar Foundation.