Mamadou Lamine AbdoulKader

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Mamadou Lamine AbdoulKader is an Agrochemist by training with a specialization in biocides and organic cosmetics development and production. Mr. Lamine is the founder and Managing Director of E3D-Niger and UNITRAM companies, operating in the agroforestry value chains in Niger. Through E3D (Niger), Mr. Lamine cultivates the neem tree in collaboration with rural cooperatives to manufacture natural pesticides, anti-insect soaps, disinfectants, and derived products. UNITRAM, on the other hand, specializes in cassava processing while strengthening local knowledge and infrastructure. Mr. Lamine is a laureate of prestigious accelerator and entrepreneurial programs such as the Land Accelerator, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs Program, the International Leadership Program, the Résistance Entrepreuneriale Bordeau-Afrique program, Total Startupper, and the Sahel-Innov initiative.