Louise van der Stok

Wageningen University & Research

After a Bachelor in social sciences majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy, Louise arrived in Wageninen to learn about ecology in the master Forest and Nature conservation.

Currently she is helping to develop the food forest that has rooted on the Droevendaal experimental farm.

Having studied in various disciplines and also travelled or worked in different cultures, she can help to bridge gaps between different worlds and understand the wickedness of our society. For 4 years Louise has been involved in OtherWise Wageningen as a boardmember and project leader, helping to organise a wide range of activities on social and environmental justice. But perhaps the most important contribution is her personal quest for sustainability in the daily routines of life, tending her gardens, going 100% organic, seeking truthful equal relationships, discovering what it really means to be connected and always question whether something can’t be done otherwise.