Loren Cardeli

Founder and President
A Growing Culture

Loren Cardeli is the Founder and President of A Growing Culture (AGC), an innovative nonprofit that works to uphold farmer autonomy and stimulate agroecological innovation by supporting farmers’ capacity for change. In creating AGC, Loren works to shift the public’s perception of agrarians from one of passive beneficiaries to one of active innovators. He believes the key to fixing our food system lies in giving farmers a prominent seat at the table—a seat currently threatened by industrial agriculture. His work at AGC promotes farmer-led research, innovation, and knowledge sharing, helping farmers worldwide create sustainable, self-driving futures.

Loren is also a seasoned public speaker, presenter, and outreach leader who conceptualizes and addresses agricultural issues through the lens of economics, political science, and life sciences. He has received wide recognition for his contributions to ecological agriculture, earning prestigious awards including The Culinary Trust’s Future of Food Grant and Fellows of Future Generations.