Lenin Nyakinya

Expert agronomist and Agricultural technologist
Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Mr Lenin is an expert agronomist and agricultural technologist with a high level of experience in agronomic service delivery with over 7 years in active service in Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Systems. His Proven ability to manage national government’s resources, international donor-funded projects, is proficient for risk analysis and assessment, developing and maintaining project objectives for any organization.

Mr. Lenin has been involved in the sustainable development of the agriculture industry for over the last 7 years, from the early days of yield and production manual monitoring to today’s predictive data and agri-technology. Having worked in South Africa, he has developed a well-rounded background that spans across technology, agronomy, farm management, and software development, pushing new ideas and concepts to work to help feed the world more efficiently. These skills have helped to boost efficiency by introducing new technologies to the Gender and Climate Change Organization Southern Africa (GenderCC ZA) in 2017.

He has also previously led a team of young experts in Agricultural Development in Norway in 2017, and a team of young progressive farmers in East Africa in 2018 and currently leading the development of different tools and model practices that enable growers to fully leverage the insights their operations generate and has supported various projects with experience well-identified across borders. These he implements currently with Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MoAFL ) under different value chains in conjunction with other key private sectors in the agri-tech industry

At iFarmkonnect Limited, Mr. Lenin plays a leading role in providing technical guidance & advice in his capacity as the head of technical operations and co-founding director. Significantly, he suggests and is responsible for designing and maintaining new technologies and innovations to enhance new and existing agronomic solutions to farmers, national government, county governments and other private partners.