Kritika Kapadia

Senior Manager - Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Kritika is a Senior Manager in the Sustainability Practice at EY Luxembourg with over a decade of experience advising industrial and financial clients on ESG and sustainability matters. She covers sustainability strategy, governance, risk management and reporting across a wide range of topics, from climate change and biodiversity to circular economy. She also leads the Luxembourg practice’s knowledge development on nature and biodiversity topics in both the commercial and investment space. Before joining the firm, Kritika started her career as an campaigns manager for Sanctuary Asia, Asia’s leading wildlife magazine. She was also involved in the development of multimedia communication materials, including social media, websites, videos and print. Kritika holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Environmental Technology. Her dissertation focused on analysing biodiversity loss mitigation in commercial agricultural supply chains. Kritika’s personal interests include solutions for Zero-waste lifestyles, Wildlife Conservation, Theatre, Arts and English Literature. She has knowledge of seven languages, including English, Hindi, French and Luxembourgish.