Kenza Benmoussa

Greentech entrepreneur

Kenza Benmoussa is currently doing a PhD at the University of Côte d’Azur in Nice. Her research focuses on socio-digital media, political communication and cyberdemocracy, using that expertise to tackle the climate emergency. Previously, she taught at the Normal University of Anqing in China on technology in post-modern societies and climate change.

Kenza is also part of the international community Global Shapers Nice Hub, the World Economic Forum (WEF) initiative. She was appointed curator between 2018 and 2019 and co-developed an international challenge called No Waste November. She is also the head of youth actions at The International Institute for Environmental Negotiation (INNÉ). In 2019 she accompanied the Tunisian delegation to COP25 and COP26 and the Moroccan delegation to SB56 in Bonn as a young negotiator in the areas of technology transfer and engagement of youth. She is designed by the UNFCCC Focal Point of Morocco to represent her country in COP27 in the first youth delegation.