Kamanzi Claudine

Forest for Life Project

Kamanzi Claudine is the founder of the Forest for Life Project, with her a background in conservation agriculture. The project is dedicated to restoring graded lands in the Kayovu Model village within the Bugesera district of Rwanda. Leveraging her expertise in conservation agriculture and drawing from experiences in previous projects such as Green Amayaga, Claudine, along with her other three fellow youths, contributes valuable knowledge in sustainable land management. The central theme of their restoration approach is a holistic one, emphasizing the cultivation of native indigenous trees like Markhamia lutea, Ficus thonningii, Faidherbia albida, and Acacia abyssinica. This approach addresses environmental challenges such as soil erosion, biodiversity loss, and decreased soil fertility. The project encompasses various activities, including reforestation, agroforestry systems, and capacity-building initiatives. Claudine’s commitment to community development is evident in the project’s emphasis on active community involvement and the recognition of the interconnectedness of ecological, social, and economic components. The goal is to create a resilient and productive landscape, fostering positive environmental and social impacts. With a focus on sustainability and ecological resilience, fostering positive change in Bugesera through their studies and practical engagement in restoration projects.