Kahori Miyake

Executive Officer
CSR & Communication, AEON Co., Ltd.

Kahori Miyake joined JUSCO Co., Ltd (current AEON Co., LTD.) in 1991 and had experienced working in International and Financial Divisions. In 2006, she became Project Leader for the 2020 Group Vision Project and a General Manager of Branding Department in 2007. In 2008 she was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Claire’s Nippon Co., Ltd., a joint venture company between AEON.
She oversaw Public Relations, Customer Service and CSR as Executive Officer and General Manager after coming back to AEON in 2014.
Since assuming her current position in 2018, Miyake has spearheaded to plan and publish “AEON Decarbonization Vision for 2050” with its midterm 2030 target, the first of its kind in the distribution industry, as well as led the company’s commitments to “RE100.”
An alumnus of West Virginia University, Miyake holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Hitotsubashi University.