Joy Abraham

Communication officer
The Centre for Earth Works (CFEW)

Joy Abraham has about four (4) years of experience in Communication, Leadership and Administration. Currently, Joy is twenty-five (25) years old and the Communication officer at the Centre for Earth Works (CFEW) – a youth led Non-governmental organization concerned about securing the Earth, where she focuses on delegating duties and managing the organization’s social media platforms. She also mentors youngsters, emphasizing the necessity of education.
Joy is driven to lending her voice and hands to advocating for the environment because she believes that we eventually are what we make of nature. She also believes that the wide ranging problems in Africa are fueled by the unique backbones: poor educational system and the neglect of her most important asset – land. Joy has begun a campaign in Secondary schools, demanding for the original definition of education and with the help of CFEW, grooming young Earth ambassadors likewise. Her medium of advocacy equally includes the use of poetry and spoken word.