John Akugre

Community leader
Tilli in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Hon. John Akugre is a community leader from Tilli in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He has served in both public and private sectors before his retirement in 2018. He served in the National Reconstruction Corps and finally with the National Disaster Management Organization. Hon. Akugre is also a retired Catechist of the Roman Catholic Church. As a Community Nursery Gardener, he has spearheaded the raising of seedlings and tree planting at schools, churches and homesteads to serve as windbreaks and provide shade. Due to his love for environmental restoration, he raises not less than twenty thousand seedlings of mango, cashew, cassia, eucalyptus, and kapok each year, which he distributes to his community members, and sells some to generate income. Having served as community leader in several committees and roles within the community for not less than 30 years, he has liaised with other leaders such as chiefs and religious leaders to formulate community by-laws on environmental protection and restoration. John Akugre is one of the community leaders currently championing the uptake of Regreening practices in his community and beyond.