Jim Hallett

Chair and Vice Chair
Society for Ecological Restoration and GPFLR

Jim Hallett is a research ecologist and Affiliate Professor in Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences at the University of Montana. For more than 30 years, Jim has been a principal on projects that directly bear on land management issues in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. His earlier work in the region examined the effects of forest management including examination of riparian buffers, corridor use, landscape composition and context, and the importance of particular habitat elements. More recently, Jim’s research focused on approaches for evaluating effectiveness of ecological restoration activities. From 2001-2018, he and colleagues developed a monitoring and evaluation program to assess the responses of vegetation and terrestrial wildlife to ecological restoration in a diversity of habitats. With his interests in improving restoration outcomes, he collaborated on the recently published, second edition of the Society for Ecological Restoration’s International Principles and Standards for Ecological Restoration. He received his PhD from Texas Tech University, where he studied community ecology. He has served in several leadership roles for the Society of Ecological Restoration and currently is chair of its board. Jim is also vice-chair of the GPFLR.