Jessica Vega Ortega

Yani Tundavii Dikuintii Collective

Jessica Vega Ortega is a young indigenous female from the Mixteco People. She comes from the indigenous community of Mexico: San Miguel Ahuehutitlan, Oaxaca. She studied political science and public administration at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the most prestigious university in Mexico. She was an the first indigenous intern in Food Agriculture Origination (FAO) within the the Internship programme for Indigenous Peoples.

Jessica is a promoter and a defender of the individual and collective rights of Indigenous Peoples, specifically for indigenous youth, adolescents and children. She is the coordinator of the Yani Tundavii Dikuintii Collective, which is part of a CIARENA. It works for the empowerment of indigenous youth and children, research, and the use of natural resources . Jessica also is a promoter and trainer in Human Rights for Red de Jóvenes Indínas LAC, which is an Indigenous Youth Network in Latin America and the Caribbean. She was recently appointed as Cochair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, GIYC. Jessica’s passion is to contribute to the social harmony and well being of indigenous communities. She fights tirelessly to reach this goal.