Jaya Wahono

Jaya Wahono is the founder and CEO of Clean Power Indonesia, an Indonesian company that specializes in the development of community-based energy forest and utilization of biomass gasification technology for various applications. He has Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and Master of Science in Engineering Economic Studies from George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. His company is now focusing on distributed Waste to Energy development in cities and rural electrification in remote islands all over Indonesia with local biomass or MSW as primary energy source.
As member of Kadin Indonesian for Renewable Energy, Jaya has been promoting 100% renewable energy target by 2030 in small islands all over Indonesia in order to bring affordable, sustainable, reliable and equitable electricity to its population. This effort is now being expanded to Powering the Archipelago program with ITB SDG Center to bring reliable electricity to 20,000 villages all over Indonesia. Clean Power Indonesia is the recipient of Frost and Sullivan Indonesia Excellence Award 2015, 2016, Sankalp Forum Award 2015 and Sustainable Business Award 2019 as recognition to its effort in renewable energy sector and rural electrification development in Indonesia.