Jatna Supriatna

Research Center for Climate Change, University of Indonesia

Professor Jatna Supriatna is a lecturer then at the University of Indonesia. the Chairman of Research Center for Climate Change of the University of Indonesia, co-director of the Association of Pacific Rim University (APRU) based in the National University of Singapore) of CMAS (Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy) based in the University of San Diego, USA. He also serves as Country chair of United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (UN SDSN) for Indonesia. Prior to attending to those position, he served as Country Director then Vice President of Conservation International (1994-2010), a major international organization based in Washington DC.

He finished his Master of Science (1986) and Doctorate degree (1991) from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque-USA, plus pre and post-doctoral at Columbia University in New York. Since 2011 he has been appointed to be a Fellow of Indonesia Academy of Science. His research interest is on biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation and interlinked between plus Environmental policy.

For his dedication at the environment and biodiversity works, he received a distinguished award of the most Excellence Order of Golden Ark from his Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Netherland in 1999. In 2009, he also received the most privileges Award from President B.J. Habibie of Indonesia, or Habibie Award for outstanding achievements on research on Natural Science. In 2010, he received Terry MacManus Award of the United States of America “for his dedication on conserving nature. In 2011, he received Achmad Bakrie Award on Science for his dedication in developing Field Biology and Conservation in Indonesia. In 2017, he received Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Biodiversity Conservation from Conservation International. World Conservation Union- IUCN of SSC-Primate Specialist Group named after him, one of new tarsier primate species from Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Tarsius supriatnai.  He has served as editorial board members of several international journals such as IUCN Parks Journal, Asian Primate Journal (IUCN-Primate Specialist Group), Tropical Conservation Science Journal, American Journal of Wildlife Policy and Law, and Biosphere Conservation. He published 12 books mostly in the Indonesia’s environment and Biodiversity and more than 100 articles in the international journals (Science, Nature, Conservation, Evolution, Current Biology, many others).