Janice Nkoyato Mutui

White Mountain

Hello, my name is Janice Nkoyato Mutui. I am a Maasai woman living in the Amboseli region, close to Mt. Kilimanjaro. After secondary school I studied International Relations. I am the happy mother of an almost 6 year old daughter called Blessing. And the eldest daughter of five brothers and a sister in the Mutui family. We lost our father long time ago and true to Maasai culture my mom is a widow ever since. In 2017, when the droughts hit us so hard. I put out a cry for help to Embassy of the Earth, a Dutch Foundation enabling people to take life back into their own hands. I have become their coordinator and special Ambassador in Kenya. Understanding that the times ahead will be even tougher, this was the start of a Maasai-led movement called ‘White Mountain’ as we Maasai call Mt. Kilimanjaro. Currently the White Mountain Movement has spread to many regions populated by Maasai communities in Kenya. And by working across the border – ‘two nations, one mountain’ -, I was involved in getting three major Maasai regions in Tanzania on board of the White Mountain movement. We Maasai like to say: ‘White Mountain is a unifying force’. And we are active in bringing together all those affected people and stakeholders who can and will actively participate in our landscape and livelihood regeneration. Honoring both our Maasai culture and the necessary forces of progress in these challenging times.