Jamie Micah Lawrence

Co-Founder and Forest Strategy Lead

Jamie Micah Lawrence is a co-founder and forest strategy lead at Xilva.global, a global platform of forest-positive projects and mission-aligned capital providers. He is also an advisor to the Climate-Smart Forest Economy Program and a senior forest solutions expert and entrepreneur. He has worked with organizations such as Rainforest Alliance, Kingfisher Group, FSC Int, Rewilding Europe, The Nature Conservancy, Brainforest Assoc., Good Energies Foundation, Greenpeace Sp., The Forest Trust, WeForest, Efeca, Genea Consultores, L’Office National des Forêts I (ONFI), and WWF MedPO.

Mr. Lawrence has founded and invested in various companies, including Mirlo, E-Audit Services, and Global Traceability.

He served as an elected board member at FSC International during his time as in-house counsel to Kingfisher Plc for sustainable forests and timber, where he was tasked with helping to keep the group on target for their sustainable timber commitments and assisting with external enabling conditions for 11 years. Prior to that, he worked as an FSC lead auditor and Forestry Division Manager at the Rainforest Alliance. There, he helped initiate and participated in standard development processes for best-practice forestry in Spain, Portugal, Montenegro, Cameroon, Mexico, and Honduras.

He is passionate about the regenerative economy, forest landscape restoration, sustainable management of natural capital, and collaborative advantage.