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Jamaluddin Jompa

Chairman, Center of Excellence for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development (MaRSAVE)
Hasanuddin University

Jamaluddin Jompa is currently the Chairman of Center of Excellence for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development (MaRSAVE) at Hasanuddin University, Makassar. He obtained his PhD at James Cook University, Australia in 2001, and Master’s degree from McMaster University, in 1996. He served as Dean of Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University (2013-2017). In the last few years, he has also been involved in various programs of the Indonsian Academy of Science (AIPI); and appointed as the President of Indonesian Young Academy of Scince (ALMI) in 2016.

From 2004-2013, he served as director of Research and Development Center for Marine, Coasts, and Small Islands, Hasanuddin University. His researches have expanded from aquaculture to marine biology, marine ecology, coral reef biology, and more recently on coral reef ecology and coastal management. His current research projects are coral reef health and marine protected area. He has published more than 120 journals/books, most them are international publications. In 2007, Prof. Jompa was seconded to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia to serve as Executive Secretary of the national Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program Phase II (COREMAP-II) which was successfully completed in December 2011.