Jaime Guevara

Mayor, Província de Pastaza, Ecuador

Jaime Patricio Guevara Blaschke is an Agronomist and current mayor of Pastaza province in Ecuador.
Within his professional career, he served as Manager of the Puyo branch of the National Development Bank until 2004. In that same year, he opted for politics and launched his candidacy for the city hall of Pastaza, winning the elections for the period 2005-2009 and later, with the support of the popular vote and with the validity of the 2008 constitution, he repeated a new administrative period at the head of the Pastaza during 2009-2014.

After a five-year break in politics, Jaime Guevara achieved once again the trust of the people of Pastaza, winning the elections for 2019-2023, which has an enormous responsibility with the development of the province.